The "Espaço" arose from Aldo´s dream.

It was Summer in 1994. I was asked about a piece of land for sale nearby Porto Alegre and if I was interested in buying it. In less than a week, I was signing the papers and the piece of land became mine.

Back at that time, I wasn’t sure what to do there, but, as time went by, I came up with the idea of ​​creating a community, “Aging with Friends”, it would be called.

Two years after, I “discovered” the Circle Dances which became my favorite job. The dances took me to several interesting parts of the world. I was given the opportunity to get to know different places for socializing and holding events. With all that Circle Dances brought me, I changed a little the original project focused on “getting older together” to“dancing with friends”- and aging became a faraway plan, with no time or hurry to happen.

In 2012, the dream started to come true with the decision to build a place to live, dance, socialize and on May 20, 2013, the dream became reality with the first brick laid.

Since 2014, Espaço Aldo Casagrande is a reality not only for activities related to Circle Dances, but also for other activities related to the human development. And the community? With a broader view it is taking shape, naturally, in its own time.

The Espaço Aldo Casagrande

Located in a rural area of ​​80.000 m² in Viamão, the Espaço is 30 km distance from Porto Alegre (capital of the Brazilian south state of Rio Grande do Sul). Surrounded by incredible nature, pure water from an artesian well, it offers a welcoming environment for workshops, retreats and events focused on human development and the cultivation of loving coexistence.

Great part of the food of the meals comes of Aldo´s work. He cultivates a good variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits and also provides eggs and milk from the partner animals that lives in the place. Aldo can rely on a valuable team that prepares the meals and helps with the maintenance and joy of the place.

The Espaço can accommodates up to 30 guests in its 12 double rooms and 2 triple rooms – all of them with their own bathrooms.

The invitation of Espaço Aldo is to experience simplicity and silence with nature, allowing you to connect with all forms of life and experience individual and collective transformations.

Since 2014, Espaço Aldo Casagrande has hosted dozens of courses focused on human development.

Espaço Aldo Casagrande shares inspirations and works in cooperation with Quinta das Corujas, in Faia, Portugal. (